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Computer Vehicle Diagnostics in Kearney, NE

When a problem arises with your vehicle, you may notice a warning light lit, or the vehicle just doesn’t respond as it has in the past, or abnormal noises and strange symptoms develop causing drivability issues. In order to truly understand the problem at hand, the expert mechanics here at Kearney Tire & Auto Service use top-of-the-line equipment and decades of experience to properly identify your vehicle’s fault and to determine what steps are needed to restore your vehicle back to its normal working condition.

Vehicle Diagnostics

Vehicle computer diagnostics is continuously evolving as vehicles become more and more complex. Unlike in the past, today’s vehicles are designed with many computers to monitor, control and react to various conditions and situations.   Using specialized tools, equipment and software, technicians are able to extract the needed information in the form data and trouble codes to begin isolation of the source of the problems – determining where to begin looking for the problem, whether in the engine controls, brake controls, transmission system, cooling system, among others. Each code corresponds to an area of the vehicle.

The specific trouble code does not pinpoint the exact component responsible for the illuminated check engine light. However, with the help of these codes, our ASE certified experienced technicians can know where to begin testing and to pinpoint and determine the problem and advise on what repairs are required.

Why Choose Kearney Tire & Auto Service

If you are looking for a vehicle diagnostics center in Kearney, NE, look no further than Kearney Tire & Auto Service. We employ experienced and skilled mechanics who are knowledgeable in everything they do. When you bring your car to our shop with a check engine light or other issue, our ASE certified mechanics will evaluate the symptoms, determine the needed systems to be tested on your vehicle to determine the cause of your vehicle's issue.

As one of the leading vehicle diagnostic centers in Kearney, NE, we have invested in the most modern testing equipment to ensure we deliver the best services for all vehicle models. We have friendly customer care staff ready to assist you, and we are passionate about helping you drive safely and comfortably by helping you fix problems as early as possible.

If you suspect a problem with your car and need vehicle diagnostics in Kearney, NE, bring it to our shop here at Kearney Tire & Auto Service today!