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Car Care Tips

Here, at Kearney Tire & Auto Service, we want our customers to be in the know about how to properly care for their car or truck. We want you to understand why and how your tires wear; how to get the best gas mileage; and overall how to get the most out of your tires. Hopefully, with these helpful tips you will be able to improve gas mileage and reduce tire wear when driving in and around Kearney, NE and Holdrege, NE . We understand how important your vehicle is and why your car needs to be serviced by a Kearney, Nebraska auto repair shop. So give us a call at (308) 237-5534 today to schedule your next maintenance appointment.

Car Maintenance and Care

Keep your car in top working order and make it last longer than the payments do, by performing the maintenance services recommended in your owner’s manual! Timely changes of your vehicle's vital fluids will add years and miles to the life of your car or truck. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!  By performing prescribed maintenance at recommended mileage intervals, we can help you prevent potential problems for the life of your vehicle.  Plus, we can help improve your vehicle's fuel economy, overall performance and safety.  A small investment in routine maintenance can save you a lot down the road.

Tire Maintenance and Care

  • Rotate your tires every 5,000 miles or every 6 months.
  • Check your tire pressures approximately once a week. Low tire pressures can affect fuel economy, handling and comfort. To accurately measure your tire pressure, check tires when they are cold. Wait at least three hours after driving.
  • Always make sure that your wheels are properly aligned. Badly aligned wheels will again lead to dragging of the car on the road.
  • Check your spare tire each month and keep it properly inflated so it¹s ready to go when you need it most.
  • Use the penny trick to determine if the tread on your tires is worn to low. Take a penny and put Abraham Lincoln's head into one of the grooves of the tread. If part of his head is covered by the tread, you're ok. If you can see all of his head, it's time to replace the tire. When the tread is worn down to 1/16 of an inch, tires must be replaced.

Gas Mileage Tips

  • Check and/or change your air filter every 6 months to improve fuel economy and keep your engine running smoothly.
  • Don't top off. Don't bother topping off when filling your car's gas tank. Any additional gas is just going to slop around or seep out.
  • Tighten up that gas cap. Gas will evaporate from your car's gas tank if it has an escape. Loose, missing or damaged gas caps cause 147 million gallons of gas to evaporate each year.
  • Go for the shade. The hot summer sun that makes the inside of your car feel like a sauna also evaporates fuel from your gas tank.
  • Use the right oil. You can improve your car's gas mileage by 1 percent to 2 percent by using the manufacturer's recommended grade of motor oil.

And most important of all……

  • Always check for potential problems before they happen.

Car Maintenance FAQ

Did you know your car has more than 30,000 parts? Here are just 5 of the most commonly asked questions--with answers--from the experts at Kearney Tire & Auto Service.

1) Why did my tires wear out prematurely?

There are many possible reasons why tires don’t last as long the manufacturer’s warranty. A common issue is the vehicle’s wheel alignment. Incorrect wheel alignment is the leading reason tires do not last as long as designed. A vehicle that is only 1/8 of an inch misaligned in the toe angle will cause 28 feet of sideways scrub in every mile traveled. This issue will likely not be noticed when driving, only seen after driving some time and when the tires are being inspected and the wear spotted. It is recommended to have wheel alignment angles measured and evaluated every year to ensure your vehicle is rolling as efficiently as possible as well as protecting your investment in tires!

2) What do you mean I have a cabin air filter?

Yes, most late model vehicles have a filter to clean the air coming into the passenger compartment. It is called the cabin air filter or heating/ventilation/air conditioning filter. Cabin air filters started being installed in vehicles in model year 2000 vehicles. The purpose is to filter the pollen, pollutants, smog, dirt, and mold spores from reaching the passenger compartment. Replacement recommendations are between 15,000 and 30,000 miles. The interval may vary based on where the vehicle is driven.

3) My tire pressure monitor light is on, what do I do?

The little yellow horseshoe with an exclamation point is lit. This is an indicator one or more of the tires have a low air pressure condition, if the light is on solid. If the light is flashing, that indicates a failure within the tire pressure monitor system. In either case, examine your tires, test and ensure the air pressure in all tires is properly set and then proceed to your service provider. A tire may need repaired or testing may need completed to determine where the system fault is located.

4) My vehicle makes a squeaking noise when I’m turning a corner, what is causing that?

Noises can be frustrating. Duplication of the noise is critical to finding the origin of the noise. We suggest to pay close attention to when the noise is evident so it can be duplicated when the technician is present. Once the noise is duplicated the technician can start the pinpoint testing procedure to determine the source and correction necessary.

5) I got a “maintenance required” message displayed on my dash. What does that mean?

The maintenance required message is displayed when the vehicle’s odometer passes a predetermined mileage interval and then sets the flag (maintenance required message) signaling services are due per the current mileage. The details will be in the vehicle’s owner’s manual or stop in to discuss needs with your automotive service provider.

Kearney Tire & Auto Service

At Kearney Tire & Auto Service, we've made it our mission to provide quality products and personalized service. For the past years, our expert technicians have been performing auto repairs on foreign and domestic vehicles. We are one of only a handful of ASE Blue Seal recognized service facilities in the state of Nebraska. That means we meet the criteria established by the National Institute of Automotive Excellence. Our comprehensive tire selection and Nationwide Peace of Mind Warranty on parts and labor for 24 months/24K miles are just some of the reasons we stand out from the rest. Whether you live in Kearney, Holdrege, Gibbon, or a surrounding area, choose our shop for all your auto repair and tire needs.

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